Could Hay Fever Affect Your Skin?

Hay fever is a common type of allergy that affects millions of people each year. The condition, also known as allergic rhinitis, can make you sneeze and tear up, but you might not realize that it can also influence the way your skin looks.

Some forms of hay fever are seasonal whereas in other cases the symptoms might be persistent throughout the year. The most common symptoms include a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and fatigue. What many people do not realize is that hay fever may also present in the skin in the form of a rash.

Do you experience a rash caused by an allergen? Hay fever could be causing a mysterious skin condition that has been perplexing you for years. This guide will help you learn how to deal with it.

What Causes a Hay Fever Rash?

A rash caused by hay fever is typically linked to coming into direct contact with an allergen rather than breathing it in. This means that you may have touched a certain plant or flower that you have an allergic sensitivity to, perhaps even without realizing it.

Food also tends to produce a rash. The most common culprits tend to be kiwi, pineapple, onion, licorice, probiotics, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. It is important that you pay close attention to the way you eat and how your body reacts if you believe you are having a skin reaction.

What Does a Hay Fever Rash Look Like?

Rash caused by hay fever could range from mild to hive-like. You might first notice some red patches on your skin that soon become itchy and inflamed. You may also notice that the rash stands up higher than the rest of the skin, causing small, irritating bumps.

Do Hay Fever Rashes Require Treatment?

Typically, rashes caused by hay fever disappear in just a few days. Food rashes tend to stick around much longer because they are caused by ingested allergens. Each person is different, and your immune system may have a lot to do with how the rash heals.

There are some ways you can keep your hay fever rash as comfortable as possible. For example, you should keep the area clean and cool. Aloe vera can be especially soothing.

If you believe that you or your loved one is experiencing a hay fever rash, it is helpful to seek medical assistance. An ENT specialist, such as from Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC, may be able to demystify your problem and identify some of those hay fever-causing culprits.

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