4 Reasons To Make An Appointment With An Audiologist

Hearing is an essential sense, and caring for your ears is incredibly important. An audiologist is a type of physician who specializes in hearing and treating ear conditions. There are a number of reasons to make an appointment to see an audiologist.

Regular Checkup

Just like you see your primary care physician for physicals and an eye doctor for eye exams, it is a good idea to see an audiologist for regular check ups of your ears. An audiologist has the training and the equipment to do a comprehensive ear exam to ensure that there are no problems that could potentially affect your hearing in the future.

Too Much Earwax

Many people do not realize that some earwax actually has benefits-- it helps moisturize the ear canal, protects the inner ear, and helps prevent germs from easily entering the ear. But when someone has too much earwax build up, it can cause problems hearing. However, using cotton swaps, ear irrigators, and other methods to remove earwax at home can do more harm than good and can actually damage your ear. If you have an earwax problem, it is in your best interest to see an audiologist to have it safely and properly removed.

Sudden Hearing Loss

Not being able to hear out of one ear or having diminished hearing all of a sudden can be very alarming. Whether you have suffered an ear trauma, recently traveled on a plane, or are experiencing excessive sneezing that is causing problems with your ability to hear, you should see an audiologist as soon as possible. Sudden hearing loss can be very serious, and it is much easier to correct when you see an audiologist promptly.

Experiencing Subtle Signs of Hearing Loss

As people age, it is natural to become hard of hearing. Luckily, hearing aids can help restore your hearing so you can live a normal life. However, in order to get a hearing aid, you need to see an audiologist. If you're experiencing signs of hearing loss, you should make an appointment for an exam. Some common signs of hearing loss include the inability to clearly hear female and child voices, trouble hearing people speak when there is a crowd, turning up the volume on your television, and frequently needing to ask people to repeat themselves.

There is no reason to have to live with age-related hearing loss. An audiologist can fit you for a hearing aid that is comfortable and amplifies sounds so you can hear much more clearly. For more information, contact a center such as Mark Montgomery MD FACS.

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Hearing is an essential sense, and caring for your ears is incredibly important. An audiologist is a type of physician who specializes in hearing and